Wikipedia Elitism

The arguments that professors make for not including WikiPedia and other encyclopedias as sources is because anyone can edit them to their own perspective, bias, or just flat out wrong information. The Lords of Academicstan must feel threatened as the gatekeeper of information in a supposedly free and open society. Never mind the community generally rats out the offending parties and make the fixes necessary to truth to appear and be somewhat trusted. Even if the community does not address the posts or musings, there are alternative sources of info which may be more trustworthy, relevant, or even interesting to use and choose. With the NSA leaks, Wikileaks, IRS targeting groups, and other invasions of privacy, the last bastion of independent thought, our university system does not need to succumb to the temptations of the command/control police state. Besides, it is a great way to cite brain matter that has entered and exited the brain through various means over the years which is generally accepted as being true, factual, or representative.

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