Where There is Smoke


If you are of a certain age, you may know the rest of that phrase. Here is a slight hint. OK, some of the readers are younger, so it has to do with Muriel Cigarettes, Susan Anton, and jocks. Tying this back to the here and now, there are now five of my classmates that were wronged by the same instructor who must remain nameless in public for legal reasons. Here is just a snipped of e-mail chain talk:

This is what my advisor said to do. If you want to report your concerns to an Instructor Specialist please go into your portal…

This is the lowest grade I have ever made. The big thing I have software to check my papers and it came back clear, but she said it was not. While I haven’t been accused of Plagiarism, I do have issues with the grading in this class. I feel that she is being excessive with her grading. I have never received the scores that she has been handing out until this class.I have the same issue. At this rate there’s no way I’d be passing this course.I am having a major problem and she has reported me to the University. I have NEVER had a problem in the past. I am working on it because I feel as though she is being extremely critical. She has gone back to week 1 assignment and has changed at least 1 grade to a zero in every week starting from week 1.

This has reached beyond a trend level to an on-purpose action because all of us cannot be wrong, nor forgot how to write and cite, the essential parts of graduate school work. As this class enters the final week and grade postings up to one week later, there will be nervous students waiting for the shoes to drop while our academic career may be tainted by one solitary and scary instructor who has an agenda. Stay tuned!

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