Opening Salvo

1. What assignment was most engaging? Why?

I do not know and will find out how much honesty that can be communicated in this class, but here it goes. I have truly been distracted this week, not because there was a chance of not passing the previous class and starting this one as had happened 6 weeks ago, but more of a personal matter in a relocation move in the same city. I would have to say that no assignment was engaging in the manner of looking forward to doing it, unless you count this work of a journal, something I have done before for another class in the curriculum. The opening PowerPoint is fine, the discussion questions are there to be expected considering its Teaching and Learning with Technology and social media and Web 2.0 tools are in the forefront. Even though the whole idea of purchasing or in my case renting an eBook for this class is repulsive and a waste of $34 @ Coursesmart, it is something I must do with about 11 hours left in the first week to complete the Critical Thinking Exercise.

2. At what moment in this week were you most distant from the class? Why?

Ashford University does not believe in breaks between classes as their standard operating procedure, especially if you are under financial aid, but it is what it is. This whole week has been distant for the reasons mentioned prior. When your internet routine and study habits become strained and disrupted, positive vibes are hard to come by and more importantly, to write about. There are five more weeks of this experience, so it will get better.

3. Were you confused about any assignment or learning activity?

Not to this point, but I have yet (as of 09/16/2013 1:39 AM EDT) to do the Critical Thinking Exercise from the eBook chapters 1–3.

4. What surprised you the most this week?

No surprises, this is my fifth class in this set of courses, and 28th overall at Ashford University. I have seen most situations and have dealt with on plenty of occasions.

5. Evaluate your work this week. What assignments and/or activities did you excel in? What could you have improved on?

Frankly, this was a week to hold serve, par, move the runner along, or any other sports metaphor to state of a week to lapse and go forward. Assignment excellence is always determined by the instructor because he has control of the grades exclusively so in a way it does not matter what I think because I do not get to grade my own work. In future weeks, there will be better answers to this question because the level of engagement will rise, the move is complete, and can focus on what is supposed to be important.