Graduate school choice

Change is universal in its applications. How a person deals with it determines success or failure. The request this time is to document the recent changes experienced in a work or school situation. Due to my current self-employment status, the past is drawn and brought to the forefront. As some readers of this blog know, the most recent career was in Over-The-Road Trucking, performed for a five-year period ending in 2009. The changes that have happened since then are the focus of this posting.

The decision was made to further my education, which ultimately led me to Ashford University, in the middle of the third graduate program. The first one was a Masters of Business Administration. This degree sought after in the marketplace, and Ashford made it happen without the drama of the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) exam that most schools require, including my alma mater, Auburn University and locally, the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Admitted provisionally due to lacking undergraduate GPA, proved worthy of the institution and graduated with a 3.95 GPA with an Information Systems concentration. The receiving end of the changes in a negative way is that these facts went over in the employment marketplace like a lead balloon. Could not get the time of day from any bank here, utility, local corporate entities (calling you out Lance, Family Dollar, CCBCC, Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse, and the rest of this list too long to document) or government; organizations that benefit from having advanced education staff. The educational journey continues and plays itself out.

An assessment of my ability to lead an organization has not been formalized recently, and the drawback of online education is a student cannot just plop themselves into the career office for personal assessment services that provides guidance on career paths and outcomes. Sure, there are companies that do this for a fee locally, of which the wallet is empty on, so constant shots in the dark continue. It is known something is wrong in the process when YES is not mentioned after “got the job”, how does one change that? I have no clue and answers are not forthcoming by design or circumstance. The ability to solve problems when it comes to computing, food service, or logistics has been demonstrated in my work history. The problem is just that, it was history and not current. This is a short attention span employer market where out of sight truly becomes out of mind. A previous weakness of a lack of patience is turned around to a positive with increased frequency and humbleness. A constant struggle to overcome the three strikes of OLD, BLACK, OBESE in America focuses the one aspect that can be changed, the OBESE part. Converting my shortcomings into a change agent could be far-fetched, but is necessary to move forward, regardless of the grade posted on this week’s work.

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