Indian Surgeon Brings Affordable Healthcare Closer To Americans

It really is too bad this has to be outside of US waters. Various free clinics in this country may adopt some of their processes.

Telehealth: Rewriting the Rules for SMB Health Professionals Today

New businesses utilizing technology that was previously not available are starting every day. But it isn’t all about early adopters; there are some surprising traditional-style businesses that are rewriting the rules.

Sleep Disorder Diagnostics Market Rising Rapidly

The intersection of technology and health can only benefit educators as their students and colleagues have better sleep patterns and are prepared to learn at a higher rate.

They shouldn’t have asked

Reflection on the portfolio that this class contributes to requires some introspection and honesty. Of course, unvarnished truthiness is not always possible or desirable when others are making value judgments that have consequences for the wrong answers or statements, but here it goes.

This class is out of place with the other education classes I have taken so far as it is more like a business or project management class with an education twist. The kBook is $58.40 that is wasted and will never get back. A different answer may be forthcoming if the publisher did a better job either representing the book better for Kindle format conversion, especially with Figures and Graphs. OT As much as I love Amazon, I wish they had based their eBook format on PDF and not MOBI. A not helpful selection of paragraphs and sentences not coherent, interesting, or futuristic defines the text, but I had no choice in the manner. Let us just say that the incentive to choose this book for class was too good for someone to pass up, I’m just sayin’. With that, the frustration is in the development of the logic model beyond the flowcharts that I understand near natively as a Computer Geek and novice developer. When the light bulb came on, it got easier to create the assigned work and match it to the most recent career of trucking.

During this period of the class, the computing in my household was acting strange, a total Operating System rebuild was performed twice on my primary workstation and an upgrade to Windows 8.1 on the secondary workstation. During those occasions, an opportunity to hone some creative writing and content displays were forced upon me due to some time constraints, self-imposed in some instances, but a learning experience nonetheless. The logic model creation allowed me to apply more developer node skills to a typically education based production.

Also discovered the best way to use the class forums to better control outputs and messaging. In the real world, how a project is prepared and shared is as important as the content of said project. Previous education courses have challenged the skillset in different ways, mostly surrounding Web 2.0 with application to a modern physical or virtual classroom. Had I not had prior coursework in the MBA program and to a lesser extent, the Organizational Management degree, this would be a true exercise in frustration and exceptional drama not becoming of graduate school.