Fitness patches, maybe

Once upon a time, last year, I had a chance to receive a Microsoft Band v.1. As much as I use and like Microsoft products, the rule of thumb is to never buy on version 1. So I received a credit for the retail cost of the item ($200), and used it for better purposes. The current wearable that I dreamed about is the Fitbit Charge ($99), If researchers @ UT/longhorns can get it right, a patch could be used, not unlike the Cigarette patches available today (I’ve never smoked, so no personal knowledge of such). My guess it would also be cheaper and potentially paid for with Insurance (Hello Blue Cross and Blue Shield of NC) or Medicaid/Medicare. If one can spend some money to monitor health, report to primary doctors and healthcare providers to catch solvable little problems before they become intractable and expensive fixes, the better for all concerned.

It would be nice if the nice people in Durham understood this concept, but still working on that.

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