Healthcare Stream 04/02

Does Federal Credit Reporting Act covers the Healthcare industry?

One of the suits against 21st Century Oncology notes that “FCRA requires any business that shares data for consumer credit reporting purposes to maintain reasonable procedures designed to limit the furnishing of data to the purposes listed in the statute.” Under FCRA, a person who receives medical information “shall not disclose such information to any other person, except as necessary to carry out the purpose for which the information was initially disclosed, or as otherwise permitted by statute,” the lawsuit notes.

That lawsuit claims that, according to the company’s notice of privacy practices, “21st Century Oncology collects and shares personally identifiable information and protected health information for purposes of collecting payment from insurers or third-party payers, subjecting it to the FCRA’s requirements to safeguard PII and PHI and limit unauthorized disclosures.”

CasS Compliance as a Service

Buzzwords such as insert Letter as a Service is possible in Web 2.0 are commonplace. They only mean something to the web elite intelligentsia if you will. A S and G search on Google for CaaS; actually found some hits. I guess nothing is really original anymore or it would seem.

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