Florida: Teachers are leaving in droves due to low salaries, testing, mandates

I was just having this conversation about the teaching profession with a loved one. Part of the my post-graduate educational experience involved teaching and learning type classes @ Ashford University. Now when I take this information in a per-application discussion with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools I might has well be from outer space. That in a nutshell is part of the problem (not that I would have gotten the job anyway, but it’s like, why bother). As in some of the comments should you read that far, this is not limited to Florida. North Carolina don’t value teachers either, and the local district linked above is one of the higher paying ones.

Wake up, Florida! Years of so-called “reform” are driving out teachers and principals. Can you have good education of you can’t hold on to successful teachers? The Orlando Sentinel reports on the crisis level exodus from teaching: Noah David Lein has always loved teaching. And if you believe the state of […]


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