Small device could replace your standard CPAP machine

I so want one of these. This new concept in the linked story addresses many issues with CPAP therapy. This is not a real product yet until the FDA says it is, so no insurance of any kind is going to cover it, but they have a plan for that. I have checked out their webpage and am a bit skeptical as they are not as close to a working product as the linked story would have you believe.


There is another system that goes about it differently. It is called the Winx® Sleep Therapy System. It uses a mouthpiece to deliver a system that pulls back the tongue to allow normal air breathing. It requires the ability to breathe through the nose without mouth breathing, which I can’t do; this may explain why this option wasn’t considered during my sleep study process over a year ago. BTW, the cost is $1,595, which is much more than the cost of CPAP machines and not covered by most insurances or Medicare, which is a show stopper for most people I know.

The Airing weighs less than an ounce and fits in the palm of your hand. Learn more on Truckers News.

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