Cloud Security, HIPAA Compliance Deter Hospitals from Cloud

I have seen this in action with interactions with my region’s dominant medical network provider. On the date this blog post was made, I had an appointment with the Sleep Medicine service and found out that they could not remotely view my CPAP data due to older equipment not having cloud access built in despite an internal modem and SD Card recording mainly compliance data. Since the machine is doing what it’s supposed to do, there is no rush to upgrade.

Healthcare organizations are conservative in technology by nature, due to government regulations and best financial practices, among other reasons. The three biggest Cloud Service Providers, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft’s Azure, and Google Cloud are all HIPAA compliant, so that is not the reason for the reluctance. There are a significant number of organizations, 40% (Donovan, 2018), that have yet to act on a successful migration to the cloud, whether it is a full or hybrid version; I get that. The trend, despite political opposition, is to pursue a managed care and/or a single-payer system, such as Medicare, Medicaid, and Veterans Health. Their hands will be forced as the revenue per patient constricts while compliance expenses increase.

While Electronic Health Records placement in a cloud has a relatively low starting point, the integration into existing networks can be costly. However, 58 percent of our healthcare survey respondents stated that cloud is inexpensive to buy, but expensive and/or difficult to implement and integrate with other resources – highlighting an often-overlooked aspect of cloud costs that can be difficult to quantify (Anonymous, 2015). Connectivity to the cloud has a cost to it, and in rural areas, may not be available at the speed and reliability necessary for real-time access to information that is necessary to operate efficiently. The previous statement is a rationale for a hybrid cloud, which means local IT support replicated to the cloud increasing the cost, which gets passed on to the healthcare consumer.

The takeaway from this is “hang on, it is a bumpy ride”; well worth the effort to get to personal patient control of information and costs.

Cloud security, HIPAA compliance, and privacy are the three primary concerns for hospital CIOs who have considered using cloud-based applications.

Source: Cloud Security, HIPAA Compliance Deter Hospitals from Cloud

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Amazon Rekognition Achieves HIPAA Eligibility | Amazon Web Services

This is quite the breakthrough. Now some advanced services can be developed that will satisfy HIPAA requirements, which will allow better patient outcomes and secure effective data.


Amazon Rekognition is a deep learning-based computer vision service that makes it easy to add image and video analysis to your applications…See more here.

Microsoft’s Blockchain Proposition

Blockchain has captured the attention of businesses and investors lately, but besides the buzzword, what is blockchain, exactly?


Blockchain is a:

  • Data structure

Which is used to create a:

  • Cryptographically secure
  • Distributed (Shared)
  • Decentralized
  • Transactional
  • Digital ledger

Source: Microsoft’s Blockchain Proposition – Microsoft Tech Community  

Forget Bitcoin. Blockchain has plans for solar energy

If only solar power was mandated in all city dwellings at no extra cost to the tenant? A dream for sure; it won’t happen in our lifetime or on our planet.

I feel the need to keep reminding the audience that Bitcoin is based on the blockchain, but IS NOT Blockchain. They are separate entities and concepts.

The technology could help us earn a different kind of digital currency — involving green power.

Source: Forget bitcoin. Blockchain has plans for solar energy

How Xbox’s Adaptive Controller could revolutionize gaming for the disabled

I am not really a gamer, having not played significantly since the Super Nintendo days [going way-way back]. There was a social games phase [Candy Crush, Criminal Case, Farmville, etc] but I outgrew that as well, and most gamers don’t consider these Facebook activities gaming. But I digress…

Playing video games has always been a struggle for people who have disabilities, but with the reveal of the Xbox Adaptive Controller, that may not be the case for too much longer. Here’s how the new tech might revolutionize the industry…

Source: How Xbox’s Adaptive Controller could revolutionize gaming for the disabled

Best Blockchain explainer yet

This is part of the reason why I’m more interested in the technology than the cryptocurrencies.

LibreOffice: Professional Typography Fully Arrives

Three decades ago, StarDivision, the ancestor of LibreOffice and OpenOffice, was designed as an intermediate desktop publisher. However, many LibreOffice improvements are designed for users who insist on using it like a typewriter and entering manual formatting…

Source: LibreOffice: Professional Typography Fully Arrives 

The current version is 

Even after 40 years, Maze and Frankie Beverly play on

In 1976, a demo tape came across the desk of Capitol Records vice president Larkin Arnold. The clunky reel-to-reel featured songs written and performed by Raw Soul, an unsigned San Francisco combo that had created a buzz opening shows for Marvin Gaye

Source: Even after 40 years, Maze and Frankie Beverly play on

This group is one of my favorites. Maze featuring Frankie Beverly iHeart Radio/

NBA Playoffs: Steve Kerr, The Warriors’ Absent, But Present Leader |

This story was originally written on May 16, 2017. Since that time, the Warriors have won a championship with Kevin Durant being the MVP. They are well on their way to that mark again, but Houston has a formidable team this year, led by all-world James Harden and the extremely underrated Chris Paul.


How can an NBA head coach be both essential and unnecessary? Steve Kerr’s absence has revealed that the true test of a leader happens once they leave.

Source: NBA Playoffs: Steve Kerr, The Warriors’ Absent, But Present Leader |

Bringing our accessibility awareness game today and every day – The Official Microsoft Blog

omb_gaad-image-1024x5761I am aware that there are other companies successful in the a11y world. I commend Microsoft for being a leader here..

Today we celebrate the seventh annual Global Accessibility Awareness Day and announce new technology and resources for people with disabilities. The goal of GAAD is to get everyone talking, thinking and learning about accessibility. For us, it’s also about digging deep into how technology can empower the 1 billion people worldwide who have disabilities.

Bringing our accessibility awareness game today and every day – The Official Microsoft Blog

The top 10 cities where you can find a blockchain job

Image: iStockphoto/metamorworks

Blockchain companies, startups, and investors are flocking to select cities across the US. Here’s where you can find a job.\..

You mean Charlotte didn’t make the list? I guess bankers aren’t fans of something that could render them mute.

Source: The top 10 cities where you can find a blockchain job

Fuchsia Friday: FIDL is the Rosetta Stone of Fuchsia


H/T: Kyle Bradshaw

With all the developer excitement following Google I/O this week, we’re keeping in theme with a developer-oriented Fuchsia Friday. The modern programmer usually has more than one programming language under their belt, with each one bringing its own unique strengths to the challenge at hand.


FIDL works in two parts, the Fuchsia Interface Definition Language itself, and an underlying system that connects the various languages together.


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Blockchain Offers to Solve Pain Points in Healthcare Data Management





This is all well and good, but if it’s not applied to the Medicare/Medicaid and VA Health Systems, this goes nowhere.

Blockchain may help to streamline complex administrative processes and improve healthcare data management across the care continuum, says Chilmark Research.


“Blockchain is immutable and enables permanent records of transactions that cannot be changed,” the report explained. “For transactions where fraud prevention, authenticity, or provenance of data are critical, blockchain can support transaction verification, and reduce fraud or data tampering.”


“Each block (a record of a transaction similar to a page on a ledger that includes a record of the previous transaction) on the blockchain is recorded in historical order so we have a sequential history or audit trail of all transactions.”


Source: Blockchain Offers to Solve Pain Points in Healthcare Data Management