PyDev of the Week: Paolo Melchiorre

This week we welcome Paolo Melchiorre (@pauloxnet)as our PyDev of the Week! Paolo is a core developer of the Django web framework. He has spoken at several different Python-related conferences in Europe and also writes over on his blog. Let’s take a few minutes to get to know him better!

Can you tell us a little about yourself (hobbies, education, etc)?

Paulo Melchiorre

I graduated with a degree in Computer Science from the University of Bologna. My thesis was about Free Software and since then I’ve been a Free Software advocate.


I’ve been a GNU/Linux user for 20 years and now I’m a happy user of Ubuntu.


In 2007 I attended my first conference, the Plone Conference, and since then I’ve attended many other pythonic conferences in Europe.


In 2017 I presented a talk at PyCon Italy and at EuroPython and since then I have been a conference speaker for local and international events, both in Italian and in English.


Giving a talk at EuroPython 2017
Giving a talk at EuroPython 2017

I’ve lived and worked in Rome and London, and since 2015 I’ve been a remote worker located in my hometown of Pescara in Italy, which is close to the beach and the mountains.


I love nature and spending my time swimming, snowboarding or hiking, but also traveling with my wife around the world.


I like improving my English skills by reading fiction books or listening to audiobooks, watching TV series and movies, listening to podcasts and attending local English speaking meetups.


I answer questions at stack overflow, tweet at @pauloxnet and occasionally post at


Why did you start using Python?


I started using Python in my first job because we developed websites with Plone and Zope.


I realized how much better Python was for me than other languages I’ve studied and used before because it’s easier to learn, it’s focused on code simplicity and readability, it’s extensible and fast to write and has a fantastic community.


When I stopped using Plone I continued using Python as main programming language.


What other programming languages do you know and which is your favorite?


I started programming with Pascal during high school and then I learned HTML and CSS on my own to develop my first website as high school final essay.


At university I studied some different languages like C, C++, C#, Java, SQL and Javascript and I used some of them at work in the past.


In the last 10 years I’ve predominantly used Python, and it’s without a doubt the language I prefer, although sometimes I still use SQL, Javascript and obviously HTML and CSS.


Thanks for doing the interview, Paolo!

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