WIMAXIT’s 15.6-inch HDR touchscreen monitor review: More screen, more touch | a certified Warditorial

WIMAXIT’s 15.6-inch HDR touchscreen monitor review: More screen, more touch | a certified Warditorial

This is a relatively modern twist on the idea of an external monitor to a computer; in this case a Surface, but can also work on a smartphone or tablet. I don’t like the price of this, especially after spending $$$ on a Surface or equivalent. Unless you are rich, this is a solution surfing for a problem; but Mr. Ward has different ideas, so…

Image Credit: Lemuel Burton Photography

WIMAXIT’s 15.6 portable touch monitor adds valuable screen real estate to the “mobile office” of the laptop-wielding road warrior. The convenience of “more screen” does come with some downsides, however.

Long before switching to the Surface Pro 2017 with its 12.3-inch display, I used a 17-inch HP laptop. Though I’ve always missed the extra inches I sacrificed, the portability convenience of the powerful yet compact Surface Pro more-or-less balanced the scales. I use the Surface Pro to run my business Ward Advocacy, LLC and for writing content for Windows Central. I do both on the go or when at a desk, and often need more screen than the Surfaces’ 12.3-inches comfortably provides.

When setting up at home, my Surface Pro is sometimes connected to my 27-inch Dell monitor to provide extra space for multiple Windows, video, and more. When on the go, I’ve been giving WIMAXIT’s 15.6-inch portable touch monitor (sent to me for review) a spin to do the same. The experience has been great and has genuinely improved my workflow. Still, anyone planning to spend $259 on this monitor must weigh the benefits of extra touchscreen real-estate against their personal workflow needs. There are also a few cons inherent to this device to consider as well as genuine concerns related to how packing an extra device may impact one’s mobile needs.

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