Microsoft invited Jason Ward to its fall Surface event — and it was AWESOME | a certified Warditorial

Microsoft invited Jason Ward to its fall Surface event — and it was AWESOME | a certified Warditorial

It does help to point out that Mr. Jason Ward has been talking about devices similar to what Microsoft announced this month for many months now. Clearly someone in Redmond was listening as far as this type of hardware is concerned, Jason is the Mary Jo Foley of Surface devices. And that’s a compliment to both, who I follow and listen to.

Last week Microsoft sponsored my wife and me at its biggest Surface event ever, and it was amazing!

On October 2, 2019, Microsoft set the internet ablaze with an event that reflected a refinement and evolution of its successful Surface hardware. The accelerant for this inferno was the addition of bold category-defining devices to the Surface line of first-party products. Microsoft positions these products as reference hardware to guide industry partners as they build Windows, and now with Surface Duo, Android devices.

Surface Pro did this for 2-in-1s, which even now Apple is mimicking. Surface Pro X, Surface Earbuds, Surface Neo, and Surface Duo are meant to encourage OEMs to create current generation products as well as create categories for what Microsoft sees as next-generation computing.

the rest of the post comes from Windows Central – News, Forums, Reviews, Help for Windows 10 and all things Microsoft.

UPDATE 3/10/2020 Since this story was first published years ago. North & South Carolina continues to avoid Medicaid Expansion

I found another Microsoft focused outlet that not only covered the event (would have loved to get on a plane to Seattle to see it personally, but…) but asked some of the same questions that Jason had for the past months and years since the mobile industry essentially became 2 flavors only. Another view of the Surface Duo can be found here.

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