PyDev of the Week: Sebastián Ramírez | The Mouse vs The Python

PyDev of the Week: Sebastián Ramírez | The Mouse vs The Python

This week we welcome Sebastián Ramírez (@tiangolo) as our PyDev of the Week! Sebastián is the creator of the FastAPI Python web framework. He maintains his own website/blog which you should check out if you have some free time. You can also see his open source projects there. You can also see what projects he is contributing to over on Github.

Let’s take a few moments to get to know Sebastián better!

Sebastián Ramírez

Can you tell us a little about yourself (hobbies, education, etc):
Hey! I’m Sebastián Ramírez, I’m from Colombia, and currently living in Berlin, Germany.
I was “homeschooled” since I was a kid, there wasn’t even a term for that, it wasn’t common. I didn’t go to school nor university, I studied everything at home. At about (I think) 14 I started fiddling with video edition and visual effects, some music production, and then graphic design to help with my parent’s business.
Then I thought that building a website should be almost the same …soon I realized I had to learn some of those scary “programming languages”. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (“but!!! HTML and CSS are not…” I know, I know). But soon I was able to write a very short text, in a text file, and use it to make a browser show a button, that when clicked would show a pop-up saying “Hello world!”… I was so proud and excited about it, I guess it was a huge “I maked these” moment for me. I still feel that rush, that excitement from time to time. That’s what makes me keep loving code.
I also like to play videogames and watch movies, but many times I end up just coding in my free time too. I’m boring like that… 😂

Why did you start using Python?

At some point, I was taking several (too many) courses on CourseraedX, and Udacity. I knew mainly frontend vanilla JavaScript (Node.js was just starting), so I did all the exercises for the Cryptography, Algorithms, and other courses with JavaScript running in a browser, it sounds a bit crazy now.
Then I took Andrew Ng’s ML course on Coursera, it used Octave (kinda Matlab) and it taught me enough Octave/Matlab for the course, and also that learning a new language was not so terrible. But then an AI course from Berkeley/edX required Python… so I took the Python crash course that was embedded (it was just like one page). And I went into the AI course with that. I loved the course, and with it, I started to love Python. I had to read a lot of Python docs, tutorials, StackOverflow, etc. just to be able to keep the pace, but I loved it. After that, I took an MIT/edX Python course and several others.
And I just kept learning and loving Python more and more.


What other programming languages do you know and which is your favorite?

I’m quite fond of JavaScript as it was my first language. I have also used some compile-to-JS languages like CoffeeScript, TypeScript. I have also ended up doing quite some Bash for Linux and Docker.
I really like TypeScript, and now I almost never do plain JS without TS, I love having autocompletion everywhere and type checks for free. I naturally got super excited when optional type hints for Python were released as a Christmas gift in 2016. And 2 years later FastAPI came to be, heavily based on them.

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