PyDev of the Week: Alessia Marcolini | The Mouse vs The Python

PyDev of the Week: Alessia Marcolini | The Mouse vs The Python
This week we welcome Alessia Marcolini (@viperale) as our PyDev of the Week! Alessia is a Python blogger and speaker. You can check out some of her work over on Medium. You can also see some of her coding skills on Github. Let’s spend a few moments getting to know her better!

Alessia Marcolini

Can you tell us a little about yourself (hobbies, education, etc):

Hello everybody, my name is Alessia and I’m 21. I come from a little town near Verona, a beautiful city in the north of Italy.

I’ve been living in Trento (Italy) for 2 years and a half now. I moved here to attend university: I’m currently enrolled in the third year of a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.

In 2017 I started working part time as a Junior Research Assistant in the Bruno Kessler Foundation, too. FBK is a research foundation based in Trento, working on Science, Technology, and Social Sciences. I’m part of the MPBA unit which focuses on novel applications of Deep Learning from complex data: e.g. Precision Medicine, Imaging and Portable Spectroscopy in industry processes, Nowcasting on time-spatial data. I’m currently working on deep learning frameworks to integrate multiple medical imaging modalities and different clinical data to get more precise prognostic/diagnostic functions.

When not coding, I love dancing and listening to music. I have also been part of a hip hop crew until 2017.

Why did you start using Python?

Well, this dates back to the very first years of my technical high school. We had a teacher who, going against the opinions of many other computer science teachers in my school, decided to teach students in my class Python as the first ever programming language. So, it wasn’t really a choice I made. However, after these six years, I realise how lucky I was to have had that teacher (joking, I realised it even before, I still love that teacher and we are on the best terms but perhaps I did not understand the impact he would have on my future).

What other programming languages do you know and which is your favorite?

It’s difficult to say whether you “know” or you “don’t know” a programming language. I can say that Python is my most practiced language, since I’ve been using it every day at work for three years now. Apart from it, I had the opportunity to practice also Java, C and C++ at school and at university. I also took part in the Italian Olympiad in Informatics in teams for a couple of years and we were required to write our programs in C++.

Anyway, Python is definitely my favourite programming language: it is easy to learn, the syntax is intuitive and with Python you can accomplish tasks with much less code than with other languages. It’s very handy for writing scripts, but at the same time it’s powerful and it gives you the possibility to write an entire object oriented application end-to-end. It can serve multiple areas of application, from web development, to desktop development, to data science.

They say you “Come for the language, Stay for the community”, and this is really one of the aspects I appreciate the most about the Python environment. My experience with the Python community has been awesome and that’s why I always encourage people to come to the Python world (more on this later).

Thanks for doing the interview, Alessia!

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