Microsoft and Deque make accessibility easy for millions of developers a certified Warditorial

I have to give credit where it’s due. Microsoft has been at the forefront of the a11y movement in the Nadella era. Great for more companies to come along, and thanks for Jason Ward to point this out below. Full disclosure, this blog owner has a disability as well.

There are one billion people, 15-percent of the world’s population, living with some form of disability. People with disabilities comprise the world’s largest minority group. Throughout the ages, disabilities have presented a barrier to an individual’s full participation in the range of opportunities within a society that are often taken for granted by those of us who are not living with a disability.

The altruistic efforts of individuals and groups, the results of activism, the efforts of policy-makers and the empathy of those driven with self-less care of the needs of others has helped to mainstream a range of accommodations that help level the playing field for people with disabilities. Still, there is much work to be done. In this age of technology, much of what we do in life has a digital parallel.

The need for websites, apps and more to be equally accessible to all is just as important as a ramp for those who use a wheelchair, public accommodations for service animals that assist those with blindness or the guarantee of a free and appropriate public education (FAPE) for students with special needs. Imagine being unable to complete a purchase online, prevented from participating in social media platforms or being unable to engage in any range of online activity. This is the reality for millions of people living with disabilities because many websites and apps are not fully accessible to them.

As one of the world’s technology leaders Microsoft, under the leadership of Satya Nadella, has embraced inclusive design — building technology from conception to production with all users in mind. This has yielded such products as Microsoft’s Adaptive Controller and Eye Tracking technology that allows users to navigate Windows with their eyes and much more. Microsoft’s commitment to ensuring much of its software efforts are accessible to all would not be possible without the help of Deque, a company that is passionate about accessibility and has enabled Microsoft to do much of what it does to make software accessible. I had a candid discussion with Preety Kumar, the CEO of Deque. We talked about Deque’s mission, its partnership with Microsoft and where the companies are going from here.

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Microsoft, a true a11y in every sense

Could basic income help the emancipation of people with disabilities?

Admin cost of benefits II

CN Picture Basic Income Plus from Website

This is a 2-month-old article just brought to my attention by Scott Santens, an advocate for Universal Basic Income. What is happening right now is Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) has made a bold proposal that has some roots in Basic Income but using the tax code to effect it (Lowrey, 2018 para. 2).

Could basic income help the emancipation of people with disabilities?:

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Voice dictation coming to Microsoft’s Office web apps

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Caveat: Some platforms do not include voice capabilities natively.

Voice dictation coming to Microsoft’s Office web apps:

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Announcing the first AI for Accessibility grantee: Zyrobotics


Satya Nadella (C) with Zyrobotics CEO Dr. Johnetta MacCalla (L) and CTO Dr. Ayanna Howard (R) courtesy of Microsoft

Announcing the first AI for Accessibility grantee: Zyrobotics

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Windows 10 accessibility in the October 2018 Update – Windows Experience Blog

Windows 10 accessibility in the October 2018 Update – Windows Experience Blog

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The accessibility team helping make our products work for everyone | Google Keyword

credit: Google

Finally, Google is joining the Disability club that Microsoft has been at for a while now. Mind you, I tend to follow what Microsoft does closer than Google, but all platform vendors are welcome to the party, even Apple!

As part of Disability Awareness Month, a look at our efforts around accessibility and the work of the Central Accessibility Team.

Source: The accessibility team helping make our products work for everyone

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