How tech is catering to the elderly and caregivers | Venture Beat

This is very much worth some time to read. As this blogger is approaching elderly status, this needs to begin now, so when the market matures a bit, the price will come down enough to reach the maximum number of clients that could use these technical innovations, devices, and software.

At CES 2020, tech’s biggest trade show, the tech industry showed it is paying attention to the needs of the elderly and their caregivers.

Source: How tech is catering to the elderly and caregivers

How HIPAA can do many things at the same time

Being of AARP age and also a consumer in the ‘healthcare’ system that we have in America, the barriers to full adoption of a now 20-year-old law remain, and they shouldn’t. I guess there is not enough money in doing the Portability part of the HIPAA. The whole reason for digital is to be more accurate, save money, and prevent unnecessary medications and side effects. It isn’t like this is new code, and all health providers must play along, size is not an excuse for compliance. There has to be a better way, and this article makes their case for it.

Tech can help the elderly…if they use it

It is nice to see that the AARP generation, of which I am a part of, is getting some attention in the tech community. However, with other mundane issues involving healthcare such as the lack of expansion of Medicaid in certain states, including the state I live in (NC) and all that touch it, this is all a moot point because when the premiums and deductibles are not afforded, Medicare in NC is only good to keep the Affordable Care Act penalties away. That doesn’t help anyone, but TPTB could care less because they “got theirs”, want more, and have no concern for those not so fortunate.

A growing number of apps and devices are designed to help manage care of older patients, but the nagging reality is that they’re going unused. At least for now.