Productivity Tools

This little ditty was an assignment in one of my graduate school classes that seemed to be obvious enough to be taken for granted. Productivity tools in the Windows world. The assignment did not specifically mention one environment over another because these tools are available in the Macintosh and Linux realms as well. Having been intimate with technology for most of my adult life, would feel lost and confused if Microsoft Office never came around and became a dominant force in how I interact with friends, family, co-workers, agencies, and educational institutions. Expert consideration at Word, Excel, PDF, and Corel Paint Shop Photo Pro with Intermediate work in PowerPoint, Access, Photoshop, and Visio which in 2013 only allows staying in the tech and employment room, not stand out because this is expected. Throughput can always be improved by slaying the dragon that is procrastination and fighting the urge to produce “get by, mediocre” work. This is not rocket science, just teaching and learning with technology. Without these and other tools, there is no point in getting up in the AM to instruct hormonally raised boys and girls for 8 hours each day for a wage that is not much greater than working at QuikTrip but much more important in the grand experiment named life. No amount of technology will substitute for knowledge and wisdom, mandatory traits of successful educators in all eras.