Telehealth, mHealth Make Nurses Pivotal Presence in Healthcare

TeleHealth & mHealth

mHealthIntelligence Photo via ThinkStock

I have been an advocate of Telehealth and mHealth for a while now, despite my financial limitations and getting Medicare to pay for these services. The healthcare market will be forced to address this cost containment initiative and technology advancement; smart agencies get in front of this. Not every event needs a Doctor to diagnose and treat, especially with Nurse Practitioners receiving advanced training beyond the Bachelor of Science in Nursing to become a true professional and more than just an attending nurse. A Master’s degree or equivalent is a starting point, then experience in a chosen specialty, and state licensures over above the nursing exam (“How Long Does it Take to Become a Nurse Practitioner?,” 2016).

Source: Telehealth, mHealth Make Nurses Pivotal Presence in Healthcare

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