Reaching and Teaching

My favorite University is at it again. There are some definite benefits for being a “cow college”. Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyles are part of the plan.

Sleep Disorder Diagnostics Market Rising Rapidly

The intersection of technology and health can only benefit educators as their students and colleagues have better sleep patterns and are prepared to learn at a higher rate.

They shouldn’t have asked

Reflection on the portfolio that this class contributes to requires some introspection and honesty. Of course, unvarnished truthiness is not always possible or desirable when others are making value judgments that have consequences for the wrong answers or statements, but here it goes.

This class is out of place with the other education classes I have taken so far as it is more like a business or project management class with an education twist. The kBook is $58.40 that is wasted and will never get back. A different answer may be forthcoming if the publisher did a better job either representing the book better for Kindle format conversion, especially with Figures and Graphs. OT As much as I love Amazon, I wish they had based their eBook format on PDF and not MOBI. A not helpful selection of paragraphs and sentences not coherent, interesting, or futuristic defines the text, but I had no choice in the manner. Let us just say that the incentive to choose this book for class was too good for someone to pass up, I’m just sayin’. With that, the frustration is in the development of the logic model beyond the flowcharts that I understand near natively as a Computer Geek and novice developer. When the light bulb came on, it got easier to create the assigned work and match it to the most recent career of trucking.

During this period of the class, the computing in my household was acting strange, a total Operating System rebuild was performed twice on my primary workstation and an upgrade to Windows 8.1 on the secondary workstation. During those occasions, an opportunity to hone some creative writing and content displays were forced upon me due to some time constraints, self-imposed in some instances, but a learning experience nonetheless. The logic model creation allowed me to apply more developer node skills to a typically education based production.

Also discovered the best way to use the class forums to better control outputs and messaging. In the real world, how a project is prepared and shared is as important as the content of said project. Previous education courses have challenged the skillset in different ways, mostly surrounding Web 2.0 with application to a modern physical or virtual classroom. Had I not had prior coursework in the MBA program and to a lesser extent, the Organizational Management degree, this would be a true exercise in frustration and exceptional drama not becoming of graduate school.

Logic model

This week in class is all about Activities in our Logic Model. This class is a throw-in to the Ashford University curriculum. It addresses issues that are generally above the teacher’s pay grade. As some know, I was once an Over-the-Road truck driver, having driven in every Continental US state except South Dakota. The activities table I turned in last week needed some modification and constructive criticism. This week a concept named Performance Measurement System. In Academicstan, checklists are a way of life, mine is below:

I will not bore you with the narrative; I put some effort into this and expect to be graded accordingly.

This has also been a challenging week personally with automobile issues and other errata outside the scope of this blog as constructed. TMI comes to mind here.

McDavid, J. C., Huse, I., & Hawthorn, L. R. L. (2013). Program evaluation and performance measurement: an introduction to practice (2nd, Kindle.). Los Angeles: SAGE.

Journal — Diary

One of the nice things about a journal is that it is uniquely personal, and this one is no different. The instructor for this class does not see a journal entry the same way as others have, so the format that I turn in to him differs from what is said. In addition, since this person is a ‘stickler’ for grammar and his vision of APA formatting, some comments are left to this blog. He will not be identified until after a grade has been received in this class. Keeping it real, the point of this is to get A’s, even if the subject matter is an absolute waste of time and money such as this class is, and the less said about the proctor the better here.

I have to admit that understanding the accented speaker is tedious at best, and their delivery leaves much to be desired, but that is not why it was assigned. A stab at understanding assessments given to the student is the feedback received from the instructor at grade time for papers and journal entries. In most instances, especially early in the program, I find out what makes the instructor tick and address it in future works to ensure A grades in the class, of which all else is secondary.

“Internal validity is about measuring what you intend to measure in your study (10 U4 reliability and validity, 2011, op. 3:12).” Ok, now what does that mean for the task? To be honest, this concept has never been broached in my entire working career to this point. Whether it is trucking, information technology, hospitality, or retail, this much detail has never been broached as a topic. Internal validity deals with changes that may be a result of job or classroom performance directly, a cause and effect relationship. Another ‘official’ definition is “the approximate truth about inferences regarding cause-effect or causal relationships (Trochim, 2006, para. 1).” Based on those terms, my performance in timely deliveries behind the wheel and coherent papers that address the instructor’s requirements are represented by continued employment and passing grades in class.

“External validity is about whether your results are relevant in and can be generalized to other participants or cultures and other historical periods (10 U4 reliability and validity, 2011, op. 6:47).” A definition makes more sense to me as any studies involving my career and student life can translate to others is comparable to external validity. Rubbish comes to mind as the uniqueness of each individual prevents this from happening. Projecting my machinations onto others is the height of folly and does not value serious discussion. Similar to other concepts that the confidence level in explaining the point concisely, all that can be said is “I’m willing to admit that I may not always be right, but I am never wrong (Goldwyn, n.d.).”


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Worldview 2014

“If you want to make enemies, try to change something.” –Woodrow Wilson

That is a powerful quote, and one that endears itself to my worldview. Leaders make decisions, change agents make decisions, Followers make decisions, and even Passive existence folk make decisions. By now, it’s understood that there are winners and losers in each judgment and some people will not like it and may tell you to your face or go behind your back to change the outcome. A certain level of maturity (Grown Man) recognizes this fact and does not dissuade a leader from making these tough calls when armed with the facts and information needed to make winning choices. Teachers make decisions in the classroom continuously regarding the syllabus, lesson plans, discipline, parent interaction, pupil collaboration, and the bosses. I feel you do what is in the best interest of the child, even if they do not appreciate it now (and probably will not). In the enterprise, there are financial, regulatory, and stakeholder considerations in addition to the aforementioned; the corporation’s best interest is at stake here.

Charlotte, not unlike most areas, have scion type old money and influence families with an eye for city direction, control, leadership, and steering. The name Belk is synonymous with that. Back in 1888, William Henry Belk opens his first store in Monroe, NC (25 mi SE of here) with $750 in savings, a $500 loan, and $3,000 worth of goods taken on consignment. He convinces his brother, Dr. John Belk, to join as his partner. The business flourishes, often through store partnerships with trusted businesspersons in the Southeast (“About Us — —,” 2013, para. 2). Later on, the Belk Foundation established in 1928 by Dr. John Belk (a freeway is named after him here as well) and later by William H Belk after their deaths, have committed themselves to improving education in their communities. The latest example is a large grant for CMS to expand and solidify Opportunity Culture models in more classrooms with base and consistent funding that reduces the ‘grant writing hat in hand” that follows most of these types of endeavors. “Schools can extend the reach of excellent teachers and the teams they lead to more students, for more pay, within budget — making significant pay increases possible for all teachers when implemented school wide. The models allow teachers to advance in their careers without leaving the classroom (Hassel & Hassel, 2014, para. 6).” The state currently ranks 46th in the nation for average teacher pay, a rating that has slumped in the recession years as the state froze pay under a Democratic administration, which should have been education friendly. Both the state and CMS are studying ways to reform the current system, which rewards only longevity and credentials. The article did not mention the contribution of the North Carolina Education Lottery, which was sold to us as a way of boosting K-12 education, again under Democratic rule (Helms, 2014). The newspaper revamped the commenting section where snark and dissent that would be associated with education and money spending stories are nowhere to be found. Granted it did not help the discourse, it is mentioned only because the enemies of CMS do not have a ready platform to spout hate.

Without over analysis, I am comfortable with the fact that I make a decision and someone will not like it, even rising to an enemy level. Not everyone can be pleased with you all the time, the only person that needs to be pleased is yourself. As a close friend stated it: I was brought into this world alone, I will leave it alone, and I will be judged alone. Not a literal definition as no one can enter the world without a medical professional in the mix and in some cases leave it that way. The judgment part is a particular religious doctrine ascribed by most but not all. Power trips are unacceptable in my view, but decision-making is part of life.

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