My city represents… | AJ+

My city represents… | AJ+

Imagine a way to create skin and 3D print it. In Singapore, it becomes closer to reality | NowThis

When alerted to the story, a famous activist I follow, @PattyArquette had inquired about doing this for burn victims.

As I did some simple Binging (only because they Bribe you to search with them, but that’s another subject altogether) I found the closest Medical School to where I live is working on it. This particular University is in talks with the dominant health system here on a partnership to bring a Medical School to Charlotte after prior talks with UNC Healthcare fizzled.

There is a “kinda” branch of UNC Healthcare that is apparently still operational. My guess is that the planned combination either has not gotten far enough along to cover this conflict, or it’s not publicly communicated. Around here, either scenario is possible.

Now HIPAA-Compatible, Amazon’s Alexa Opens Up to mHealth Uses

Alexa, please make my health records available RIGHT NOW! One of the best parts of this trial is my primary healthcare system is also participating.

Amazon has invited six healthcare providers to develop mHealth platform for Alexa, now that the company’s smart speaker is HIPAA-compliant.

Along with Boston Children’s and Livongo, others involved in the program are Cigna, Express Scripts, Providence St. Joseph Health’s Swedish Health Connect and Atrium Health.


Source: Now HIPAA-Compatible, Amazon’s Alexa Opens Up to mHealth Uses


Using most available measures, there are three Pharmacy chains that matter, 2 of them closer to pure plays in the sector. Walgreen’s is the largest, CVS is not far behind, and of course, Wal-Mart. CVS is the one making the most noise and expansion of technology with Telemedicine availability inside their Minute Clinic locations. The latest is the famous Cleveland Clinic coming on board in Ohio. When a patient enters a Minute Clinic, a Nurse Practitioner evaluates the situation and if they need further consultation, the links become active in a few minutes at an additional cost of $50 over the office visit (Katie Dvorak, 2016b, para. 2–3) Locally in Charlotte, 27 locations in the Metro, which include Target stores. All but two stores in the area have an affiliation with Carolinas Healthcare System, the dominant system in our area. The partnership locally has been active for five years, but no sign of telehealth that can be found or promoted.

According to a report from the Center for American Progress, telehealth is “high quality and cost saving” which grinds to a halt such progress is arcane state laws and licensing requirements. Only New York and the Capitol Region of Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC allow reciprocity (Katie Dvorak, 2016a, para. 2–3). The mind is boggled when living on the border of two or more states that each doctor has to stay on their side. Not enlightened in the least. Then there is the matter of paying for all of this. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, the extra fee may be a showstopper for most, even with insurance. Seems to be agreement on the merits; most aspects encounter bumps early in the product/service cycle and this is no exception. As with most facets of healthcare, geography plays an out sized role in quality of care and coverages available to their populations. As of February 2016, 29 states and the District of Columbia have laws for private payer policies for telehealth, and 23 states have parity laws that require insurers to cover telehealth services at the same rates as in-person services (Zeke Emanuel, Joshua Sharfstein, Topher Spiro, & Meghan O’Toole, 2016, pp. 40–41).


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