Microsoft has mostly learned from its mistakes BITD…

H/T to @brianstelter and CNN’s Reliable Sources newsletter. Very much worth reading, especially if you are a news/politics/media junkie as I am. There is also much to be said about having the experience, “been there, done that, got the T-Shirt” that guides decision making. I must admit that I have been a long term Microsoft fan, though the CEO of the mobile and OS competition is a true Auburn Man!

Brian Stelter has been training for this moment his entire life


Jesse Dittmar/For The Washington Post 

Despite the fact that I do not subscribe to CNN, or cable for that matter, I am one of his many Twitter followers and newsletter subscribers. He has even written a response that I had sent to him on a guest recommendation, which is amazing since he is a reasonably well-known media figure. He is the voice of calm in a troubled media landscape; this voice is so evident on a tragic day at post time. In the criminal world, convey the impression of an emphasis on historical events being replayed for current times. He cites the Virginia Tech mass shooting and the WDBJ-TV incident of years prior as examples. The social media aspect did not come into play for the former incident.


h/t Brian Stelter has been training for this moment his entire life – The Washington Post