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In this crazy world, and despite certain political efforts to not be open and welcoming, The United States can and will show again why we are the world’s leader in most everything that is right, just, and good.

In what is assumed to be one of the greatest countries on earth, this shouldn’t be necessary…

However it is and in a city like Chicago, to have this wide of a gap between Trauma Centers is unacceptable. 💯

This is not to discount the importance of rural situations in the same vein. Where I live, I’m fortunate to be in a major city with a Level 1 trauma center nearby in a relatively compact space. The new Chicago mayor, Lori Lightfoot, needs to make this a priority.

What will it take?

Microsoft has mostly learned from its mistakes BITD…

H/T to @brianstelter and CNN’s Reliable Sources newsletter. Very much worth reading, especially if you are a news/politics/media junkie as I am. There is also much to be said about having the experience, “been there, done that, got the T-Shirt” that guides decision making. I must admit that I have been a long term Microsoft fan, though the CEO of the mobile and OS competition is a true Auburn Man!

Brian Stelter to host special, Late Night in the Age of Trump

Brian Stelter to host special, Late Night in the Age of Trump

I know, another network has coined the phrase “Must See TV”. This sure applies to me.

CNN Commentary

Monday night at 9pm, Reliable Sources host and senior media correspondent Brian Stelter is slated to host a CNN special report, Late Night in the Age of Trump.

The special examines how President Donald Trump single-handedly transformed late-night TV and comedy, along with the hosts of some of America’s most popular television shows.

Stelter sits down with some of comedy’s greatest voices to look at how the entire world of late night comedy has been reshaped by one person- an unprecedented change- much like this unprecedented Presidency, the press release notes.

He explores both the hilarious and polarizing moments from the last year, and analyzes the impact President Trump has had on comedy, including the blurred lines between late-night and news.

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Tommy Hilfiger is making clothes easier to wear for people with disabilities


Tommy Hilfiger clothing (CNN photo)

This is a great start, but more needs to be done, especially with affordability as most persons with disabilities in North America and indeed, the world, generally can’t afford Hilfiger clothing on a normal scale and limited budgets.

Tommy Hilfiger is making clothes easier to wear for people with disabilities