HPE Discover: Exploring the Potential of Blockchain in IoT

courtesy of  the Internet of Things Institute

Blockchain may be the new “buzzword”; I believe it’s real, but can’t verify for myself as I don’t own any cryptocurrency, the current blockchain use type. The article calls it Blockchain 1.0.

I was taught to limit the use of 1.0 anything (I do make exceptions for Vivaldi!). Blockchain 2.0 is the enterprise and 3.0 is integrated with IoT, the main piece of this article.

Blockchain in IoT: The potential of the tech convergence depends on an organization’s willingness to support unprecedented collaboration with other companies.

Source: HPE Discover: Exploring the Potential of Blockchain in IoT

5 signs that blockchain will hit wide enterprise adoption soon – TechRepublic

Blockchain technology has the potential to streamline business processes, enable new business models, and even reshape industries. However, businesses must overcome several barriers when it comes to mainstream adoption, according to a Monday report from Deloitte.

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