Microsoft AI for education in the EU 🇪🇺 for everybody

I have been known to have a US centric Carolinas point of view. That would be improper to not recognize what’s happening halfway around the world.

How Blockchain Will Build Better Manufacturing

How Blockchain Will Build Better Manufacturing


It All Starts with the Supply Chain

Provenance and Everledger are both great examples of what blockchain can do for supply chain management. With Provenance, you get a detailed transaction record that tracks every major event in the production process from when the pieces roll out on the assembly line to the final delivery to a customer. By showing the story behind the production, consumers get a product they can trust that is exactly as advertised. Worried about fair trade? Provenance makes it easy to verify fair trade statements, organic certifications and much more.


Everledger focuses on protecting high-value assets as they make their way from the producer to an eventual client. It started with diamonds, a small, extremely valuable asset that has come under fire in recent years, but it doesn’t end there. By incorporating smart contracts, Everledger allows a frictionless transfer of assets that helps protect every party involved in a sale, including banks and insurance companies.


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