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Some of the most straightforward ideas make the most sense. A system in South Florida presents an opportunity for urgent care style telemedicine for guests not familiar with the local hospital, freestanding ER, or urgent care clinics in the area. Upon reading the article to get the gist of it, one thing came to mind: $59 for a televisit. Granted, if you can afford the rates for the resorts listed (sounds like Independents to me) $59 won’t kill your budget. I would have preferred a special rate to guests, say $39, but that is just me.

Locally, the dominant health care system charges $49 for their version, and it’s with a provider, maybe a doctor, but this also could be a Nurse Practitioner. The other two major systems in the market do not offer this service.

A South Florida health system is forging partnerships with local resorts to push its direct-to-consumer telehealth platform out to a new population.

The six-hospital, Hollywood (FL)-based Memorial Healthcare System recently signed partnerships with two large hotels, the Diplomat Beach Resort and the Newport Beachside Hotel & Resort, to give guests access to the MemorialDOCNow service. Health system officials say they’re actively recruiting other resorts to build up their connected care network.

Source: Hospital-Hotel Partnerships Push DTC Telehealth to a New Population

Florida: Teachers are leaving in droves due to low salaries, testing, mandates

I was just having this conversation about the teaching profession with a loved one. Part of the my post-graduate educational experience involved teaching and learning type classes @ Ashford University. Now when I take this information in a per-application discussion with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools I might has well be from outer space. That in a nutshell is part of the problem (not that I would have gotten the job anyway, but it’s like, why bother). As in some of the comments should you read that far, this is not limited to Florida. North Carolina don’t value teachers either, and the local district linked above is one of the higher paying ones.

Wake up, Florida! Years of so-called “reform” are driving out teachers and principals. Can you have good education of you can’t hold on to successful teachers? The Orlando Sentinel reports on the crisis level exodus from teaching: Noah David Lein has always loved teaching. And if you believe the state of […]