Recognizing our law firms for diversity progress and innovation | Microsoft on the Issues

Recognizing our law firms for diversity progress and innovation | Microsoft on the Issues

At Microsoft, we recognize that the business we transact with our supplier base can make a material impact in fostering greater levels of diversity in their various industries. That’s why last year Microsoft spent more than $2.9 billion working with suppliers who are minority-, disabled-, veteran-, LGBTQ+, and woman-owned businesses.

In 2008, we created our Law Firm Diversity Program (LFDP) to foster collaboration with our law firm partners to help increase diversity in the legal profession. We built the LFDP around three enduring principles: (1) diversity (both within Microsoft’s legal department and at our partner firms) leads to better business outcomes; (2) accountability can accelerate progress; and (3) working together collaboratively on diversity is necessary to us make real and enduring progress. Our initial program focused on financially rewarding our partner firms for increasing diversity at their firms overall, with diversity being defined broadly to include women and racial and ethnic minorities, individuals identifying as LGBTQ+, people with disabilities and veterans. In 2015, we evolved the program to focus on increasing diversity in firm leadership, including in the firms’ management committees, partnership and partners working on Microsoft work…

Expanding our Law Firm Diversity Program to recognize innovation in diversity programs

While we applaud the progress that has been made, we also recognize that there is still much to do. The legal profession continues to lag behind other industries and the diversity of our communities overall, whether for women, minorities or other diverse groups. Ongoing progress will require us to think more broadly than diversity metrics alone…

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