What is needed in 2019…

In these times that are as troubled as any in American history and Worldwide, for that matter, here comes a young lady who gets it.

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Why Basic Income Is a Mental Health Issue – VICE

Why Basic Income Is a Mental Health Issue – VICE

This article is a few months old, which I found in making the transition from a Flipboard UBI magazine to here at my main blog.

When you have funds to at least meet most of your needs, feeling better is the result. Duh!

There is not enough done about mental health in this country, and most of it can be traced back to the “Patron Saint” of Conservative Thought, President Ronald Reagan in the 1980s. POTUS 40, much like POTUS 45, their main purpose is to overturn and reverse their immediate predecessor’s legislation. In Reagan’s case, it was the Mental Health Systems Act of 1980 which provided Federal grant money for Community Health Centers (“Mental Health Systems Act of 1980,” 2018). He didn’t see these causes as welcome events, which President Reagan as Governor of California, released these patients into the society way before they were ready to be functional citizens (Roberts, 2013, para. 12). This article continues along this path to its undesired outcomes, which continue to this date.

via Why Basic Income Is a Mental Health Issue – VICE

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