Listen up North Carolina | NowThis

Listen up North Carolina | NowThis

The main issue is funding. It seems to me that the collective we can fund whatever we feel is important. However, in North Carolina, most of the collective we aren’t important. And this spans both political parties in this state. It’s almost as North Carolina has “Alabama” level aspirations in their interaction with minorities in general.

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Eyeing Telehealth, AAFP Urges States to Adopt Interstate Licensure

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The American Academy of Family Physicians is urging states to join the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact, saying it would help expand telehealth and give doctors more room to grow.

Source: Eyeing Telehealth, AAFP Urges States to Adopt Interstate Licensure

Medicaid Expansion May Close Racial Health Disparities, Care Gaps

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Attention North Carolina General Assembly

For the past few years, you have refused nearly free money to expand Medicaid. If you or your staff were to read this, thinking twice about that political stance could be enlightening.

New data from Yale Cancer Center suggests that Medicaid expansion may have closed racial health disparities, connecting more patients with timely care access across racial lines.


Source: Medicaid Expansion May Close Racial Health Disparities, Care Gaps

Democracy for $ Broadband edition

One of the towns listed in this article is some 215 miles NNE of where my story originates. It is one of the few relatively populated places that I haven’t visited in North Carolina. While it’s not surprising that the North Carolina General Assembly passes laws in direct conflict with most of the constituents, this one seems especially egregious. There are some opinionated hints to why this may be the case.

As you can see, this is a smallish type of community. Also one that is majority minority, according to official government numbers. A bill that is being debated on address this: Now that the recent #HB2 “semi-repeal” got done, there may be hope full that it, with a Democratic governor will pass as well. However, the legislature is still in the control of the party that opposes such measures, so don’t hold your breath for change just yet.

Medicaid expansion cuts uncompensated care costs

One would think that this is a no-brainer for healthcare providers in states such as the bloggist’s residence, but the only conclusion I can make is that the politicians in power have some other non-rational explanation for why Medicare expansion was not implemented. This article eliminates the financial part.

In states that expanded their Medicaid programs under the Affordable Care Act, uncompensated care costs are down and revenues are up compared to those that didn’t.