Microsoft expands Azure IP Advantage Program with new IP benefits for Azure IoT innovators and startups

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At Microsoft, we’re investing in helping our customers as they move to the cloud. We see an opportunity to help support companies in this changing environment by bringing our security, privacy, compliance and intellectual property assets and expertise to bear in order to help them be more successful. We’re excited to now take an additional step that expands innovation protections.

Today, we are pleased to announce the expansion of the Microsoft Azure IP Advantage program to include new benefits for Azure IoT innovators and startups. We first announced Azure IP Advantage in February 2017, to provide comprehensive protection against intellectual property (IP) risks for our cloud customers. A trend we saw at the time – and one that continues today – is a growing risk to cloud innovation from patent lawsuits. Last year, we joined the Open Invention Network (OIN) and the License on Transfer (LOT) Network to help address patent assertion risk for our customers and partners.

But we believe we can do more. The number of IoT-litigated patents in the U.S. witnessed an increase of more than 400 percent from 2013 to 2018. That’s why, after speaking to customers and reflecting on how we could add even more value to the Azure IP Advantage program, we decided to expand the program with new benefits focused on the Azure-powered Internet of Things (IoT)ecosystem and startups to help deter lawsuits against Azure customers. The new features announced today include:

  • Uncapped indemnification coverage for Microsoft’s Azure Sphere and Windows IoT. Indemnification helps protect a customer from IP infringement claims asserted against the customer for its use of the product or service. Today’s expansion brings uncapped indemnification coverage to Azure Sphere and Windows IoT, including the open source software incorporated by Microsoft in these products.

  • Access to 10,000 patents for customers using Azure to power IoT devices to defend themselves against IP lawsuits. This benefit can help deter patent lawsuits against Azure customers for their workloads and applications running in Azure or on their IoT devices, as qualified customers can pick a patent to use in their defense of a lawsuit.

  • The ability for startups on Azure to acquire Microsoft patents to help boost their business. Qualified startups who also join the LOT Network can acquire Microsoft patents through LOT in technical areas including artificial intelligence, multimedia, and security. Patents can play an important role for startups as they grow, look for ways to protect their innovations, and attract critical capital support.

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Today in Technology: The top 10 tech issues for 2019 | Microsoft on the Issues

By Brad Smith and Carol Ann Browne

This past year we’ve addressed some of history’s most important innovations in our Today in Technology blog and video series. Our focus is always on what we can learn from the past and apply to today’s issues.

Today we look back at more recent history – the past 12 months, to be exact. It was a momentous year for technology, with the phrase “Techlash” commonly used to refer not just to one but several issues which gave the public pause about the role of technology and the tech sector in people’s lives. As the calendar turns to 2019, we consider what the last year will likely mean to what will surely be an important new year. Here’s our list of 10 developments to think about.

1. PRIVACY: Privacy protection deepens in Europe and spreads to the United States

2. DISINFORMATION: The controversy roils social media

3. PROTECTIONISM IN THE PACIFIC: Tech comes between the United States and China

4. DIGITAL DIPLOMACY: Multi-stakeholder efforts start addressing cyberattacks

5. ETHICS CHALLENGES FOR AI: New controversies abound amidst employee activism

6. AI AND THE ECONOMY: Concerns spread about AI and jobs

7. THE PEOPLE SIDE OF TECHNOLOGY: Immigration and diversity remain front and center

8. RURAL BROADBAND: Some progress amidst problems

9. SOVEREIGNTY, HUMAN RIGHTS AND THE CLOUD: Protecting people in a data-driven world

10. TECH GROWTH AND COMMUNITIES: What’s good for tech companies can challenge a community

Read our full analysis here:

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Episode #191: Python’s journey at Microsoft | Talk Python Podcast

Episode #191: Python’s journey at Microsoft | Talk Python Podcast

Who da thunk it. This can almost be described as Dogs and Cats getting along.

I especially like the Medium post by the subject of the Podcast; even contributed a small question.

Python and Microsoft, a marriage made in Development Heaven!

PyDev of the Week: K Lars Lohn | The Mouse Vs. The Python

PyDev of the Week: K Lars Lohn | The Mouse Vs. The Python

I don’t hold it against him that he is not a Microsoft fan, because if that happened to me, I would feel the same way. Even to this day, Mr. Nadella has his work cut out in front of him regarding Open Source, trust not to be messed with, etc.

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PyDev of the Week: Qumisha Goss | The Mouse Vs. The Python



It is great to see Women Of Color using technology that empowers others. A reminder of the Zen of Python:

  • Beautiful is better than ugly
  • Explicit is better than implicit
  • Simple is better than complex
  • Complex is better than complicated
  • Readability counts

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