Finally, the wider employment market understands the real for the AARP generation.

Finally, the wider employment market understands how much the AARP generation has toiled in silence. 💯

How HIPAA can do many things at the same time

Being of AARP age and also a consumer in the ‘healthcare’ system that we have in America, the barriers to full adoption of a now 20-year-old law remain, and they shouldn’t. I guess there is not enough money in doing the Portability part of the HIPAA. The whole reason for digital is to be more accurate, save money, and prevent unnecessary medications and side effects. It isn’t like this is new code, and all health providers must play along, size is not an excuse for compliance. There has to be a better way, and this article makes their case for it.

The STEM Shortage Myth: A Reality Check for IT Employers and Employees

My take on this is simple. The employers know that if they can pit everyone against each other for crumbs, they can feast on the cake with no impunity.

The erosion of IT’s middle class

The argument is made that those of us that cut our teeth on tech support with networking and multimedia thrown in, may not have a place in the new enterprise. Then again, who does have a place other than the 1% managers? Rhetorical for sure, but in a global environment, corporations seek low or no-cost labor wherever they can find it, and that is generally not Charlotte NC. This needs to stop.

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