Overweight truckers can be made to take sleep apnea study

Why wasn’t this available when I was over-the-road? This could have made all of the difference and could have possibly led to me still being a driver, as well as getting help sooner than I ultimately did.

Bonus Stream 04/06

Efforting to get back into Pro status so I can directly upload from existing tools.

Update: What I used to do this in the past is no longer available due to hacker exploits.

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Tech apps and medicine, a start

I just received a CPAP machine today as I compose this after nearly 3 months of drama diagnosing a condition that was obvious to any medical professional, however due to the setup that the Medical Racket Industry Complex requires all of this adds drama and mega cost to the procedure. I guess someone is getting paid of my humanity.

That is my new look @ sleeping time, less the wires and probes in the photo. It is worse through the entire body and an experience I wouldn’t wish on an enemy. As some of you know, I am a techie, and so in my TL this story came up which shows promise and can eliminate the scourge of the MRIC in the United States.

Sleep Disorder Diagnostics Market Rising Rapidly

The intersection of technology and health can only benefit educators as their students and colleagues have better sleep patterns and are prepared to learn at a higher rate.