ER ‘superusers’, a thing

SU_fimgThis story is about a hospital system that decided to make an investment to save costs and improve lives of those who uses their facilities the most; termed “superusers” in this piece. When I first read the story, a thought came to mind that since there is not Universal Healthcare, ACA notwithstanding; uniquely American phenomena would exist because people will get healthcare by most means necessary. That involves the level of care that is mandated by law at Emergency Rooms. Our neighbors to the North, Canada, have some of the same issues, and most everyone is covered by birthright. In both cases, a holistic multidisciplinary approach is taken to address the root causes while finding solutions that are humane and cost effective.

Any part of the universal basic income movement must include proactive and preventive healthcare in order to let Emergency Rooms be for emergencies, not primary care. With Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants who can be placed in these societies or accessible in telehealth, the costs of addressing a problem before it comes serious enough for acute care are worth the investment. Politically, however, any vote to spend money at a Governmental level is a non-starter for enough of the population to ensure DOA legislation and initiatives. Housing, income, nutrition, and education addressed together to have a greater chance of success and can no longer be looked at in a vacuum,

emergency_0Illinois hospital offers housing to curb ER superusers | FierceHealthcare

‘Super users’ of health care system the target of reforms