Follow-up on Convoy raises $62M from Bill Gates and other luminaries to transform trucking industry with technology – Geekwire

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Pro Rata update on blogged story from 07/24.

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The second paragraph is important and not mentioned in the GeekWire report about empty driving; the industry term is dead-head miles. He estimates this to be 40%. I’m not sure where he gets that number, but it sounds high to me. A possibility could arise where in his part of the country, that figure for getting loads can be accurate, based on the relative lack of shippers and consignees compared to the California submarket and the Eastern half of the country {the rough diving line in the business is Interstate 35 from the Twin Cities to DFW}

As a rule, I tend to not put too much faith in the comment section of most websites that enable it, but something @caseyedwinson mentioned deserves merit.

Constant driver communication and training should help with the onboarding of new drivers. The newer tech savvy generation is starting to get behind the wheel more and more as the baby boomer drivers retire. They all have cell phones!

While this is definitely true, and especially Owner-Operators, of which this service is a primary target of, the proof will come down to something I thought previously unarticulated; will it enable a profitable load for the driver, not just the freight master?

PGT Trucking tests headset with sensors for driver fatigue

This is so cool. Can do handsfree and alert to driver fatigue, the main culprit behind a fatal LCV accident in Charlotte

PGT Trucking, a 1,100-truck carrier with flatbed operations is testing fatigue monitoring technology from Maven Machines.

Source: PGT Trucking tests headset with sensors for driver fatigue

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Efforting to get back into Pro status so I can directly upload from existing tools.

Update: What I used to do this in the past is no longer available due to hacker exploits.

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