Python Founder Speaks | Talk Python #100

This is not a new podcast but is new to me. I am not a huge fan of podcasts because I like to look at the video while following the audio.

H/T Talk Python Podcast

Universal basic income

I caught on this train early and saw it coming. Now some thought leaders are realizing that this must happen. However, these thinkers in the linked story are not in government and the people that kowtow to those industries that do not have an interest in the person, even if it limits their ability to survive long-term.

A deeply religious neighbor of mine made a comment about the crazy weather of late, the fact it was 71° F today in Charlotte (the normal is 56°). The end times was predicted in his statement as a result of the current climate. Whether this is followed or not, our time here is limited. Why not be a happy as possible, by providing an income to everyone for surviving. The resources are there, the political and economic will are not there currently. This needs to change.